DJenerates NFT Launches Unmissable Amnesia Ibiza DJ Contest

Are you ready to live out your wildest DJ dreams and spin at the iconic Amnesia venue in Ibiza? Look no further than the latest offering from DJenerates NFT, the electronic music-centered project that is taking the world by storm. DJenerates NFT has just launched an unmissable DJ contest, and the grand prize is an opportunity to play live at Amnesia Ibiza! With three phases of competition, including weekly challenges and live sets, this is your chance to showcase your skills and get noticed in the music world. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to take your DJ career to the next level!

The DJenerates Klub, an exciting NFT project focused on electronic music, has recently announced a once-in-a-lifetime DJ contest that offers the winner an opportunity to play live at the legendary Amnesia venue in Ibiza. This dream-come-true opportunity promises to make any aspiring DJ’s fantasy a reality, by providing them with an unforgettable experience of playing to a packed audience of music lovers.

DJenerates NFT

Dubbed as the ‘Global DJ Search‘, this exciting competition is designed to run in three phases until late September. The initial phase is already underway and is operating through a leaderboard system via the DJenerates project’s Discord server. Interested participants can earn points by sharing their DJ sets and participating in weekly challenges. The top 24 contestants with the highest scores will progress to the second round.

The second phase of the contest will see the remaining 24 DJs entering into the semi-finals, where they will showcase their talent at the DJenerates virtual club over two weekends, starting from September 1st. Each participant will have an opportunity to play a 1-hour live set. Once the judges have made their decision, only four competitors will progress to the final round.

This is an incredible opportunity for DJs to showcase their talent, gain exposure, and potentially take their career to the next level. The DJenerates NFT project is quickly gaining traction as an innovative platform that integrates the world of electronic music and blockchain technology. With its one-of-a-kind contest and unique approach, it is no surprise that it is creating a buzz in the electronic music community. So, if you have the skills and talent to impress, this could be the chance of a lifetime to achieve your dream of playing at Amnesia Ibiza.

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