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Now, since again, I have not met you and I don't know what you're going to be marketing, it's difficult to give you exact ideas on how you should be forming your creative strategy or how you should be changing your art to fit the NFT space better. NFT marketplace ranking factors. In other words, factors that decide where your NFT will appear. We're going to be looking at OpenSea. It's important for you to know how they rank NFTs equally.

Creative collaboration

So what we’ve done here is that these two minds came together and created something more engaging. It’s the same concept but with better visuals. In the NFT art world, I should say what we see here is moving images that capture people’s imagination more are more desirable. So I recommend you try to see how you can bring in movements or some other interactive elements into your Artwork because it would attract the right audience.

Many people scan their Artwork and push it online, which might work with some. But for most artists, simply scanning or taking pictures of your painting and putting it on, OpenSea will not be good enough for the type of audience you want to attract. So I recommend you go and explore what your options are when it comes to collaborating with a visual artist.

NFT Marketplace Ranking Factors

The other aspect I want to talk to you about is the—visibility of your NFT. I started my career in search engine optimization, and when it comes to search engine optimization, you have to understand how we rank websites as a professional and a specialist. If you are a shoe seller, if you sell shoes online in your eCommerce store, you want to ensure that whenever someone types in buy shoes online, your website will come up first.

This is very similar to this as well. You want to ensure that your art comes up at the top when someone goes and explores the platform. So let’s have a look at one of the biggest platforms, OpenSea, and let’s try to see how they rank and the different ethnicities.

So here we are on the OpenSea platform that types in something straightforward. Let’s see what comes up. It looks like it’s the same project. This being so, they have overtaken the Cat’s keyword.

If you think about it is exactly what you want to do, right? You want to be on top. So here you see different projects, essentially. So you have this gang here. He managed to steal the majority of the. Screen, because you have to take it that way, right? Then you have done the other projects here further down these cats. They have pretty good provenance as well. And then, if you go further down, you see the other projects. But we want to understand how these guys came to the top here.

01. Number of Views in NFT Marketplace

You must generate views as well because they take views into account. So driving traffic directly to your Opensee Artwork is essential because the website looks at how many people have viewed the Artwork.

NFT Marketplace

So here you see 261 favorites, which is essential and very similar to other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, you name it. Likes and favorites and hearts or votes are significant for the platform to understand how to rank the different posts or images or whatever they may list on their platforms. So these are the two key things you need to consider, but that has a look at the other things.

mention your artist name or in your title in NFT Marketplace

You have to mention that in your or your title; if you don’t mention it in your title or perhaps even your artist name, you won’t come up. So if you want to be famous for a specific technique that people look for, then you make sure you mention that. If you draw mountains, don’t call them K2 Mountains, K2 is a straightforward example.

Price History and Sales Volumes

Perhaps what also the platform looks at is, of course, the price history and sales volumes. So what you have here are the sales history and the item’s activity. So when it was minted, when it was put up for sale, and now the owner of this beautiful blue Cat is don bother me, and I’m sure They are pleased with his Cool Cat. Perhaps these are the most critical aspects you need to consider regarding your ranking.

So the keyword you use here is how many people viewed, how many people have favorites, and the sales history of NFT. And I think it’s essential as well to know what is probably the proximity of your launch. So how far are you when you launched the campaign when you launched a selling story? And how long have we left? Naturally, the platform will push things closer to the sale or expiry point.

I missed the previous one because you need to have a description here. I wanted to mention Cat here as well, which could help the platform understand that you are selling a digital cat.

Visibility of your collection in NFT Marketplace

So we looked at the platform Opensea when it comes to keywords, so when someone Types in a keyword, maybe they want to buy a specific type of Artwork. But what happens if they go and explore? So let’s look at that scenario and see how OpenSea ranks collections.

What people are used to is instead of searching for an item or a topic, they go and explore. And here you can find different sections. Let’s look at the art section, which we are most concerned about, but the other sections work similarly.


So let’s look at Originals. A base artist created it. They have 16 items and attempts, and what you see here immediately. Within the collection this collection has, it’s pretty expensive. I apologize, I don’t know this artist, but he seems to be doing exceptionally well.

NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace

I think someone wants to make a lot of money very quickly. You can also go about your business like this, and it’s still a funny world and NFT. Nevertheless, the point here is the number of views and likes here make quite a lot of difference, too, you know? So if we look at this, it probably will have eight thousand four hundred views. This is quite significant. And you have a set amount of offers on it.

So this artist is doing exceptionally well in generating awareness and buzz around the artworks. And I would perhaps think they thought it almost looked like a digitized physical artwork. And please don’t get offended if it’s not. I do not know the artist, and I do not know the artist’s technique. But as you can see, this artist got quite a few views and was also liked.

Pop Wonder World

Let’s have a look first here as well. Colossal amount, of course, views, Favorited, and we also have sales. So now you can see why the top ones are there because they deserve to be there. They have the right Post, the right kind of audience, and the crowd around them.

So you can almost say to a certain extent that views are using sales combined the best regarding your ranking. So this is what you want to boost and your favorites. Someone will probably develop an algorithm soon to see what you need to achieve here and the number of sales to get further up.

But it’s too early in the game to go and analyze, perhaps. I’m sure OpenSea already has this data. This is a nicely kept secret for now.

Recap the Ranking Factors in NFT Marketplace

Views are critical. So what you need to do, you need to drive traffic to your artworks, to your artworks, because if you drive traffic there with your communication, not just your website or just to your social media profiles, you need to drive here because at the end of the day, you want to sell your Artwork, where you want to rank better because the better ranking artworks sell faster.

NFT Marketplace

So you need to increase your views. It would help if you increased your likes or your fans, but we also play a significant role in where you will rank in the overall supply and competition.

You will be on the first page if there are only a handful of cat pictures. If there are tens of thousands of cats, then that oversupply is enormous, so the competition is significant. Therefore, your ranking will be more challenging for you to be an opponent or a better acquisition. So it would help if you were to understand that as well. It’s similar to your search engine optimization on Google or other search engine platforms.

The Expiration Date on NFT Marketplace

So when will the product expire? The platform will try to push those items with good views and likes, and their expiry date is approaching. So you want to, or the platform wants to get rid of those as soon as possible. And, of course, FOMO or fear of missing out is a significant factor when it comes to marketing and selling. So naturally, they will push up these items because they said the excellent trigger for the buyers is they have limited time to buy them.

NFT Marketplace

You were winning that transaction history, for example, sales of sales and volumes. Huge impact, of course, on your ranking. And what we have here, recency, when you posted it, really when you posted your Artwork, we can’t be 100% sure how this and to what extent this influences the ranking factors. But with all the other search engines that we studied or I studied, recency is critical.

For example, when news comes out for Google, it’s essential to show that news first, not the news from yesterday. People are interested in the latest news, so perhaps this is something that Opensea and other platforms also factored in. That’s a newly published artwork that must be pushed in front of the audience to test whether they like it.

And that’s when they start collecting views and likes, and they and they try to understand, Is it a good NFT to keep on the first page? Or maybe people don’t like it? So these are the ranking factors, and what’s needed to understand is these are not static—these change over time as the market changes, maybe as supply and demand change. The views of your and your competitors are changing.

Maybe OpenSea will introduce another metric that we are hugely impacting the ranking factors. So it would help if you looked at these as fluid, agile, and constantly moving ranking factors.

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