Starbucks’ NFT Drops: A New Era of Coffee Collectibles and Web3 Integration

Starbucks, the world-renowned coffee giant, has recently entered the world of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), offering a new era of coffee collectibles and Web3 integration. With their latest NFT drop, the First Store Collection, Starbucks has modeled 5000 NFTs after its original storefront, which opened in 1971 in downtown Seattle. These NFTs will be sold on Gemini-owned Nifty Gateway and minted on Polygon’s PoS sidechain, just like their previous NFT drops. Starbucks also plans to integrate its existing rewards program and NFT drops with Starbucks Odyssey, an unreleased Web3 rewards platform that offers exclusive digital collectibles. This integration will allow users to earn points through ordering at Starbucks, which they can redeem towards exclusive digital collectibles. Starbucks' journey stamps collection, which was the seventh NFT drop by the company, was the first step towards this integration.

Starbucks is making waves in the world of NFTs yet again with their latest drop, the First Store Collection. This collection features 5,000 NFTs modeled after the original Starbucks storefront that opened in 1971 in Seattle. Each NFT is priced at $100 and will be sold on Gemini-owned Nifty Gateway.

This marks the seventh NFT drop for Starbucks, and the company is looking to further integrate their NFT drops with their existing rewards program through Starbucks Odyssey. This Web3 rewards platform is still unreleased, but beta users recently received an email stating that it is getting closer to launch. The goal is to allow users to earn points through ordering at Starbucks, which they can then redeem towards exclusive digital collectibles.

Starbucks Takes a Sip of the NFT Craze: The First Store Collection

Starbucks’ interest in NFTs first began in December 2022, when they released a free Holiday Cheer Edition 1 NFT featuring their iconic red and white Christmas coffee cup. Today, the highest active offer for one of those NFTs is $901. In March 2023, the company dropped their first premium NFT, the Siren Collection, which features unique renderings of the siren from Greek mythology. As of now, one of these NFTs is valued at an average of $690.

As NFTs continue to gain mainstream attention, it’s exciting to see how companies like Starbucks will continue to leverage the technology and integrate it with their existing business models. With their strong brand recognition and loyal customer base, Starbucks is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing interest in NFTs and Web3 technology.

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