What is Metaverse?

Most of you have searched this term multiple times on Google and other search engines. And how many believe that? You haven't got your answer yet. But believe me, in the next 2 minutes, you will get all your answers regarding the metaverse.

What is a metaverse in real terms?

I will show you two simple things, and everything will be crystal clear. Number one, what is Metaverse? According to Google, what is the Google definition for Metaverse? So a metaverse is a network of 3D virtual worlds.

That means virtual worlds. Was That does not exist. That exists on your computer, phones, and innovative equipment focused on social connections. In futurism and sci-fi, it is often described as a hypothetical iteration of the infinite as a single universal virtual world facilitated by using virtual and augmented reality headsets, AR/ VR headsets.

I know all of you; you are dead confused about this. But the poetic technical definition, because this is difficult to comprehend. But I’m going to give you something straightforward to understand. So what I believe Metaverse is it’s nothing but an additional layer to reality.

What is the reality?

We are human beings. That is a reality. When we pick up the phone, we work with Instagram or any other platform. And it gives us a filter, maybe a green screen, which in reality there is no green screen, but maybe through a filter, it gives us a green screen. Maybe it gives us it brightens up our faces.

There are different filters for beauty filters. There are VR, funny, and comic filters, which in reality, do not exist. But they exist when you use the phones, and you use a particular application like Snapchat, Instagram, or Tik Tok, but you use all of these applications. Your reality, as a human being, changes. And how you change, an additional layer of reality is added to your present reality. That is what Metaverse is all about.

I’ll give you an example; everything will be clear when you take up your phone. You create an Instagram reel, use these transition ways and do all of that. What is that?

That is Metaverse. How is that Metaverse? Think about it in real life. Do all of these filters and all of these things exist? No. You cannot touch them. You cannot feel them. You can only use them, and you can see them. And you can watch them only and only when you are using that specific platform.

For example, there’s a very famous Instagram background, which we call the green screen bedroom, or there’s a revealing hide background where you can reveal your background, and you can hide your background.


Do all of these things exist in real life?

No. But when you’re using Instagram or when you’re using social sites, all of these things tend to appear as if they are real. And that is what Metaverse is all about. An additional layer of reality is put up on your reality. That is what Metaverse is.

I’ll give you an example and suddenly the last example, and it’s going to be great. If you can see the image, these are some beautiful glasses. They’ll be called virtual glasses.

What are these glasses used for?

You put on these glasses, turn on the headsets, and then you are transported to a virtual world. Is the virtual world in our reach, and can we see and touch it? No, we can only experience it. How?


When we wear this kind of glasses and equipment, we are teleported. We are transported to a completely different world where we decide what happens. Still, we decide who can be a part of it, but we decide what are going to be a part of it, where we decide who is allowed, where we decide who is not.

We recreate our entire world according to our needs and share it with friends, family, colleagues, partners, kids, grandparents, and parents. That is virtual reality. That is Metaverse. So anything that adds a level of layer, that adds a layer of reality to our existing reality, is a metaverse.

A Snapchat filter is a matter of words; an Instagram filter is a metaverse and oculus glasses that help us view the virtual world and 3D world through our avatars.

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